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Komen Educators

Who are the Komen Educators?

The Komen Educators are a group of trained volunteers whose common goal is to raise awareness about the importance of breast health issues especially in medically underserved communities.

How will serving as a Komen Educators help us in our mission?

The Komen Educators will help us achieve a world without breast cancer by educating women about the importance of screening and early detection of breast cancer.

What are the goals of the Komen Educator Program?

  • To raise awareness about breast cancer to women in the Central Virginia area.
  • To reach out to medically underserved populations, with particular emphasis on the African American, Hispanic/Latina, Older Women and Younger Women populations.
  • To recruit educators who are representative of the communities they will serve.
  • To provide referrals that are linguistically and culturally appropriate to the women who are being served.

What is required of a Komen Educator Volunteer?

As a Komen Educator Volunteer you will be asked to attend a training workshop and participate in 2 breast health presentations per year. There will also be optional one hour educational and support forums held quarterly to provide you with continuing education.

How do I sign up to become a Komen Educator?

Click here to complete your application online or fill out an application and return it to the address on the form. Click here to download the volunteer application. We will notify you of upcoming Komen Educator training. Komen Educators are required to attend a training session to begin volunteering. If you'd like to see the general information presented at the training please click below to download the PowerPoint presentations:

Komen Overview and Breast Health Basics
Breast Cancer Overview by Polly Stephens, M.D.

For questions please email us at